Welcome to my blog ! Who is RDN. Gokce Orakci?

Hello everyone ! Who is RDN. Gokce Orakci ?
I was born in Ankara on a cold November morning in 1994. My parents moved to İzmir after my birth. After living in İzmir for 8 years, we moved to Ankara again permanently.

I completed primary school, junior high school and high school education in Ankara and in 2012 I won the Baskent University Department of Nutrition and Dietetics. After the preparatory semesters, I completed the 8 semesters faculty education every semester by being qualified to be a student of honor.
Being a dietician is always a dream. It was very interesting to learn nutrition science while every living thing was obliged to feed living from birth to death. It reminded me of my goal to come to the world. Monitoring the life of a wide range of people between the new learning baby who is just able to feed and the seniors who just forgot how to feed.

Following this science branch, where scientific truths change day by day, brings with it a dynamic structure. I think it is beneficial for every dynamic profession to love life, to change with life, to be able to adapt easily to changes.

It is very easy to access the information, but we want to reach the right one in every matter. When it is about health, we must be more careful.

I think it would have been necessary to have nutrition on this fun platform, wouldn't be? My purpose of being in the Medya Çuvalı is to provide you with the right information in the right environment by talking about nutrition with respectable people who need art, entertainment and having some fun.
It has never been so easy to talk about the right known wrongs, to learn about the qualities that foods have never known, to discover low calorie recipes, and so to consume more consciously.

Gökçe'nin Beslenme Çantası

Gökçe'nin Beslenme Çantası